“Innovation meets expertise”

Our rapidly evolving world demands swift and sustainable innovation.

With a wealth of multi-industry expertise in civil, structural, geotechnical and environmental engineering, we are committed to delivering practical solutions that empower our clients to overcome challenges and maintain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic landscape.

Our engineering services are tailored and tested to meet the unique requirements of builders, developers, property and strata managers, insurers, loss adjusters and private clients.

We collaborate with governing bodies, including councils, certifiers, insurers and industry associations, to ensure that our designs remain practical, compliant with regulations and promote sustainability.

Our services extend to the field, where our experts conduct field investigations and testing, inspect and validate construction work and resolve complexities arising on projects.

Civil & Structural design

Knomis provides structural engineering design, analysis, and verification services for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Whether it’s new builds, renovations, or addressing damage, Knomis offers a comprehensive suite of services, including concrete, timber and steel design, as well as the production of CAD drawings and construction specifications.

Knomis’ civil engineering design services encompass:

  • Geotechnical engineering field investigation, analysis, and design for foundations, earthwork, and embankments.
  • Hydraulic engineering designs for stormwater and drainage.
  • MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) services design for buildings.
  • Services and utilities investigations and design for greenfield and brownfield sites.

Knomis offers expertise in the identification and diagnosis of building maintenance and/or defect issues and can provide expert remedial recommendations. We are recognised for providing clear, conclusive and independent technical advice in a timely manner. Our understanding of relevant legislation and codes including the General Insurance Code of Practice and the National Construction Code drives our process and leads to cost effective outcomes for our clients.

We provide:

  • Forensic investigations, Damage Causation Reports
  • Expert recommendation and advice
  • Remediation plans, Scope of Works and Specifications
  • Cost Estimating and BoQ
  • Condition Assessment Reports

Knomis provides expert advice on asset condition, compliance, defects and expenditure for owners, builders, managers and investors across the property industry.
Knomis has real-time access to land and property information, enabling rapid and best-in-class services that provide all necessary information for accurate cost estimates and approvals.

Our building services include:

  • Property condition assessments
  • BCA and NCC compliance
  • Dilapidation reports
  • Building safety assessments
  • Building and pest inspections
  • Façade and Waterproofing assessment
  • Technical due diligence

Our property information services include:

  • Title Search and Land information
  • Property information certificates
  • Planning Certificates
  • Bushfire Attack Level reports (BAL)
  • DYBD – Dial Before You Dig
  • Historical property investigations

Knomis employs a comprehensive and integrated approach, uniting planning, design, and engineering disciplines to transform our clients’ architectural ambitions into tangible realities. With a focus on sustainable, social, and technological design innovation, Knomis strives to create lasting value in the built environment.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Development applications and approval facilitation
  • Designs to meet Regulations, Policies and the NCC (BCA)
  • Design drawings and drafting
  • Surveying and GIS
  • 3D Modelling and Visualisation
  • Council, Authority and utility services consultation

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